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The Location of Makkah Mukarromah

Makkah Mukarromah is located in the west of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is situated at the foot of such a valley in the Hijaaz region that is completely surrounded by mountains. The area that is low-lying and level is called Bat’haa (               ) and the area to the east of the Masjid Haroom is known as Ma’laa (                ). The area to the west and south is called Misfala (                   ). Rosulullah SAW was from amongst those who lived in the Ma’la area. He was born there and lived there until the time he migrated. To enter Makkah Mukarromah, there are three principle routes, Ma’la, Misfala, and shubaykah.
The latitude of Makkah Mukarromah is 21 (derajat) 25’ 19” N while the longitude is 39 (derajat) 49’ 46” E. Its height above sea level is more than 300m and it is situated at the centre of the globe.

The Virtues of Makkah Mukarromah
Allaah had selected this Blessed city to be the location of His House. It was also here that the final Rosul and guide of the worlds Hadhrot Rosulullah SAW was born and here also did he begin to announce his prophethood to the world. It is to this city that Allaah has made it obligatory for His bondsmen to travel to fulfil certain rites. It is for this reason that people of imaan arrive in Makkah from all parts of the world with their hearts filled with love and their appearances exuding humility and submission. They are drawn to this Blessed land with simple clothing, open heads and free from worldly adornment.
The place has been blessed with such sanctity and safety that anyone entering it becomes safe and protected. Event if a person steeped in sin heads there, he becomes cleansed like a new-born baby. There is no other place on earth to which islaam has made the journey obligatory. Muslims have been commanded to make Tawaaf (circumambulate) the house of Allaah, something that has no example equal on earth. The Hajar Aswad (Black Stone) and Rukn Yamaani can boast to have been kissed and touched by none less than our noble master Rosulullaah SAW. For muslims to emulate this is not only allowed in islaam, but highly recommended.
Makkah Mukarromah is that honoured city, the sanctity of which Allaah Himself takes on oath on. This is found not once, but twice in the Qur’aan in Surah Balad and Surah Teen. In Makkah Mukarromah that the Masjid Haraam is situated, a Masjid which the reward of a single salaah is multiplied by a hundred thousand. The city is the location of the Qiblah, a direction towards which every person performing salaah must face. It is that sacred direction which a person relieving himself cannot face towards nor can he face his back towards it. The city also has the privilege of being place where even intending to do evil attracts a grave warning of punishment from Allaah. The ill effects and punishment for a sin in this holy place is also amplified.
This is that wonderful place that attracts hearts like a magnet. It is that sweet fountain that although providing satisfaction, a person heart cannot get enough of it. The more a person visits it, the more his heart yearns to return.
The splendid city houses sites where du’aas are readily accepted, where sins are forgiven and where difficulties are alleviated. The city also has the honour of being a place of safety  for carrying weapons is also forbidden. In addition to this, no kuffaar or mushrikeen are allowed here. When Qiyaamah draws near and strife will be tearing the world apart, this special city will be under the protection of the angels and dajjaal will be unable to enter it.

Here are some Ahadeeth  concerning the virtues of Makkah Mukarromah:
1.      Standing at a place called Harooza, Rosulullaah SAW addressed Makkah saying, “By Allaah! You are the best of all Allaah’s lands and the most beloved. Had I not been forced to leave you, I would have never done so.”

2.      Addressing Makkah, Rosulullaah SAW also said, “ I love you more than any other city. Had my people not forced me to leave, I would never have taken up residence anywhere else.”

3.      On another occasion, Rosulullaah SAW Addressed Makkah saying, “O Makkah! I swear by Allaah that I am leaving you knowing that you are the most honoureble and beloved city in Allah’s sight. If only your residents had never forced me to leave. I would never have to leave you.”

4.      When the Muslims concuered Makkah, Rosulullaah SAW said, “Allaah had made this city sacred the day He created the heavens and the earth and it sanctity shall remain until the Day of Qiyaamah. Its thorns cannot be broken, its animals cannot be harmed and things fallen on its ground cannot be picked up unless with the intention of returning it to its owner or making public announcement (to locate the owner). It is also forbidden to cut the grass that (naturally) grows here.”

Hadhrot Ikroma says that not harming it animals even refers to removing an animal from the shade so that one may occupy its place.

5.      Rosulullaah SAW once said, “There is no city in which Dajjaal will be unable to enter besides Makkah and Madinah. Every street will be lined with angels standing in rows to protect them.”

6.      Rosulullaah SAW also said, “( On the Day of Qiyaamah ) I shall be first to rise from my grave, followed by Abu Bakr and Umar. I shall then go to the people of Baqee and they will also rise with me. Thereafter, I shall wait for the people of Makkah. I will rise from between the two Harams.”   

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